Bored With Love

He bought the girl some flowers

He talked to her for hours

She said she'd had enough

And he was bored with love

There's couples everywhere

There's one over there

He's satisfied with life

She's his best friend's wife

(sweet nothings....)

He took here to a show

Though he didn't wanna go

He said it's getting rough

I think i'm outta love

On a bus they meet

He offers her his seat

He says he likes her boots

She thinks he's kinda cute

(sweet nothings...)

Ok I buy this record, right..

I take it home, put it on

I think it's gonna be really good

The first song...

The first sont is about love

Second song, that's about love too

Third, fourth, fifth songs...

They all got love in the title

Addicted to love, disciple of love, bored with love

I take the record off, the record's bad

I go to the movies

I like the movies

I didn't like this movie

Know what this movie's about?

This movie's about love

So I go home

Go home and call my friend

I say look man

I'm having problems

I really need some help here

You gotta talk to me ok?

Lemme tell you what it's about

He says hey wait no man

I don't wanna hear about your problems

I got news for you

There's something I wanna tell you

I wanna share this with you

You know what man?

I'm in love...

(sweet nothings...)