Drum Machine

I am Elmer J Fudd, millionaire

I own a mansion and a yacht

And a car and a plane

And a gun

And a drum machine

Drum machine... Drum machine...

There's a band in the studio

Right next to us

We think that their brains are filled with puss

We wish that they'd go home on a bus

And take their drum machine

I am Mister Eddie's Father

My partner is Uncle Norman

Eddie plays with Mrs Livingston

And his drum machine

I am an antichrist

I am an anarchist

I know what I want and I'm gonna get

A drum machine

I wanna drum machine

There's a band in the studio

Right next to us

We wish that they'd get hit by a bus

And leave their drum machine to us

We want their drum machine

We really need a drum machine

We could write lots of songs that were really keen

And get on MTV and be seen

If we had a drum machine

The perfect christmas gift to a band from it's fans

Is a drum machine

We don't know how to use one but we could learn

If it came with instructions that would be real good

We could write lots of cool songs

With a drum machine