Good Kill

Some people talk like they're in commercials
Some people treat you like you don't exist
Somtimes I want to go to a mcdonald's
Shoot some people as they walk in my sights
All the same I'd never join the army
All the same I'm still ashamed at night
C'mon, c'mon
Some people think rod mckuen is a poet
Some poeple think there's evil folks and good
Some people vote to electrocute the bad ones
Stand outside the prison and cheer when the lights go dim
I know everybody is my brother
Even my brother though I don't care much for him
C'mon baby let's fight a good fight
Against all fights
Cut the b.s., Just what are you telling me?
You have the right to your own death penalty?
Snap out of it and smell the coffee
You're above the ten lost me
So where is the death penalty for you
Now that you murdered and spread lies too
In god we trust on the dollar bill
Congratulations sucker, that's a good kill