KICKING (That Gone Fishing Song)

Today I grew up, I woke up I threw up
Girlfriend was snoring, and it was boring
I just turned 23, what did you get for me
I'm having a party and you can't come
I met my brother's ghost, I made myself some toast
I took it all in stride, and then I went outside
I climbed up a tree, I shouted look at me
nobody answered, cuz I have cancer
I feel my body burn, I have a lot to learn
I have lost my pride, I am dissatisfied
Everything tastes sour, I have no power
I cannot sign, I hate everything
Gone fishing
Gone fishing
At the hospital, I met this girl
She was a nurse, her favorite song was "Worse"
She said "I really want to be a dancer
It's too bad you have cancer,
cuz we coulda been best friends
there's this restaurant I recommend."
I would just float away
But I've got a lot to do today
Gone fishing
Gone fishing