THAT'S A LIE (Remix)

I'm tired of the stories that you always tell
Shakespeare couldn't tell a story that well
You're the largest liar that was ever created
You and Pinocchio are probably related
That's a Lie
...hey that's me playin harmonica
You're a Liar
...yeah and I wrote this song too
That's a Lie
...really I did, LL Cool J came over to my house one day
You're a Liar
...he heard me humming it, he said "Hey that sounds good"
You lied about the things that you lied about
You even lied to your aunt when you went down south
You lied that a bodybuilder kicked your butt
If you was in Egypt you would lie to King Tut
That's a Lie
...just one glass of wine with dinner officer
...LA what a great place
...No mom I'm not on drugs
...Of course I love you
My father said now son never tattle never lie
but I think he should of followed some of his own advice
I thought I'd own the world when I turned 21
Well that's the last lie, cuz now the song is done
That's a Lie
...over budget? us?
...Hey we should have lunch
...It won't hurt, believe me
...I won't cum in your mouth
That's a Lie