Making Fun of Bums
Song for a Girl Who Has One
My Past Lives
That's a Lie
Life is Flowers
Bad Dog
Seasons in the Sun (draft)
If I Was A Mekon (draft)
Train In Vain


I don't sleep anymore
Every passing car just sounds like dropping bombs
And I've read all the books
You can see it in the stars and it's written on our palms
That things are getting worse
People are having shootouts in the middle of the road
I feel like Harold in his hearse
I gotta go to Idaho
It's got me on all fours
Generals running round like crazy dinosaurs
In the USA
we've got freedom for sale everyday
Planets are lining up
California's gonna slide into the sea
It's the third great woe
It's the thousand year peace
No one wants to hear
Spoon feed me the good news and forget about the rest
lemmings never fear
I repeat this is only a test
I'm much better now
I was down there for a while, I guess I saw the light
it was crazy, anyhow
no worse than before, I guess you folks were right
Yeah, I'm much better now
Pass me the chips, turn up the radio
I guess I saw the light
It's five more miles till we get to Idaho

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